Shoegr Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

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Elevate your shoes to their former glory.

The Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit is all you need to keep your shoes looking and feeling their best.With just a few drops of our all-natural cleaning solution in water,you can easily remove dirt,stains,and grime without damaging your sneakers.

What's inside:

  • 1x 100mL All-Natural Cleaning Solution
  • 1x All-Purpose Brush


  • Cleans upto 50 Pairs.
  • Safe and gentle on all materials, including leather, canvas, knit etc.
  • All-natural ingredients, good for your sneakers and the planet
  • Easy to use, just a few drops in water
  • Removes dirt, stains, and grime without damaging your sneakers

The SHOEGR's Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit is the ideal go-to kit for all sneakerheads. The kit includes:

Premium Sneaker Cleaning Solution

  • If used properly and correctly, the 100 ml bottle of shoe cleaning solution that it contains can clean at least 60 pairs of shoes.
  • The solution won't damage the surface of your shoes because it contains no hazardous chemicals or abrasives.
  • It is absolutely safe to use on shoes made of different materials, such as suede, leather mesh, fabric, knit, and textile.

Premium Sneaker All Purpose Cleaning Brush

  • The All Purpose Brush in the Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit  has an appealing and fashionable appearance thanks to its superior steam beech wood construction and exquisite engraving.
  • The Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush may be used safely on most material, including leather, mesh, fabric, knit, etc. thanks to its soft but sturdy natural bristles.
  • The bristles of this brush have a considerable liquid holding capacity, which prevents the cleaning solution from spilling out needlessly and wasting it.
  • Additionally, compared to a brush made of synthetic fibres, SHOEGR all purpose brush bristles can absorb around 65% more water.
  • This brush is excellent for cleaning inside the sole and midsole of shoes.
  • You may be confident that the brush's bristles won't degrade with time because it is made to the highest standards.

Here is how you should use the SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit:

  • Pump 2-3 small squirts of SHOEGR cleaning solution in 200-250 ml of water.
  • Dip the SHOEGR all-purpose brush in the solution and use circular motions to clean the shoe
  • Finally, dab the shoe with the microfiber towel to reveal clean shoes.

NOTE: SHOEGR microfiber towel is sold separately.