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The SHOEGR dual-textured wipe is optimised to deliver a superior cleaning experience. We specifically designed our wipes to fit in the palm of your hand for on the go shoe cleaning.

  • Dual textured Wipes: Raised textured dots eliminate tough stains. Smooth fabric side for general cleaning
  • Superior Cleaning Ability: Each wipe is dual textured to provide unbeatable cleaning on the go. Its convenient packaging is small enough to fit inside your purse, pocket or even the palm of your hand
  • Conveniently Sized: The wipes come in individual packages, making them easy to carry.

SHOEGR offers you the best quality shoe-cleaning wipes. It is a quick solution when you don’t have the time to give your kicks a thorough clean. Nothing else is required, just wipe and go, simple as that! Now you can deal with dirty shoes even when you’re in a hurry.
Here we will discuss the most important factors that you should consider while choosing the shoe wipes:

  • Packaging: Choose the sneaker wipes that are packaged individually if you need wipes for cleaning your shoes on the go. .
  • Formulation: The best sneaker wipes should function effectively without using excessive chemicals. Our shoe cleaning wipes ensure that not harmful chemicals are used which can damage the sneakers

Here is how you can use SHOEGR Sneaker Cleaning Wipes:

  • Tear open the packet and take out the wipe.
  • For general cleaning, use the smooth side.
  • For tough stains and midsoles, use the textured side.