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FS Reads: How Luxury Timepieces Have Become A Fashion Statement

FS Reads: How Luxury Timepieces Have Become A Fashion Statement

Over the years, we’ve seen a significant rise in the popularity of luxury watches. At this point, it is not just a timepiece but an investment. The most surprising aspect is that these timepieces have suddenly become synonymous with high fashion and sneaker culture. In this week’s FS Reads, we delve into the world of luxury timepieces and how they have evolved into a fashion statement.

Wristwatches are no longer considered simple items to be glanced at to track the passage of time. The advent of high-end watches has given birth to a community of people who use the vessels to display their status. Luxury timepieces are more than fashion accessories. They are works of art. 

Of course, Hip Hop’s obsession with traditional swiss watchmaking did not appear out of the blue. Previously when gangsta and bling rap was on the rise it emphasized conspicuous consumption. This, in turn, set the stage for the cultural moment that we are currently experiencing. Watchmakers have stimulated the very hype economy that they had wished to tap into. As result, It has solidified the bridge between Swiss watchmakers and the rap community. 

When it comes to luxury watches, not all that glitters is gold. These watches can be classified into two types: factory-set and aftermarket. When the diamonds are applied directly by the technicians of the watch manufacturer, without any third-party involvement we get a factory set product. The client base for such pieces is minimal, normally reserved for an elite tier of people. On the other hand, we have aftermarkets, known as iced-out, Bust Down, and more. These are watches that involve modification by a third party. However, watch experts believe aftermarket diamond timepieces do not sit right. Why? because they are attempting to be someone they are not

RM 52 05 Manual Winding Tourbillon

In today’s time, rappers love to flaunt their expensive watches. One can easily identify their undying love for Swiss timepieces through their song lyrics and outfits. Some of the most famous brands include Rolex, Richard Millie, Patek Philippe, and Audemar Piguet to name a few. With all that in mind, Hip-hop’s last decade has been fruitful for Rolex and it is the most coveted name in Hip-Hop. Duo dancers & Musicians Ayo & Teo's track ‘Rolex’ has over 935 million views on Youtube. Rappers like Future, Gunna, NAV, Drake, Lil Uzi, and many more actively mention brands like Rolex, AP, and RM in their songs.

Watchmakers have taken this opportunity to collaborate with various artists. Developed in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, the RM 52 05 Manual winding tourbillon is one of Richard Mille's highest profile partnerships. Not to forget, Drake has made his way with Richard Millie with a collaboration piece called “RM 69 Erotic Tourbilion” worth a whooping 6 Crore INR. 

RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon

While Luxury watchmakers are making their way to sabotage the world of hip-hop, do you think the market will grow more? 

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