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FS Reads: Nike X Metaverse.

FS Reads: Nike X Metaverse.

We have all heard about Facebook’s new project ‘Metaverse’. If you are not familiar with it, the Metaverse is the next evolution of social technology. It is a virtual reality space that people can enter and access through high-end technology. It will enable you to socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond your imagination. However, the question is, why Nike is keen to enter the virtual world? What does it plan to do with it? Get the full rundown below. 

As per the data revealed by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Nike filed seven different trademark applications on October 27 to release virtual sneakers and apparel. The company listed out several of its trademark logos, including the brand’s famous slogan ‘Just do it.’ Other logos include the Air Jordan ‘Jumpman’, SNKRS app logo, and the all-time classic Swoosh.

“Nike is protecting their trademarks for this new era,” said Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney


Although Nike has not revealed any official plans for Metaverse, they may unveil exclusive Nike NFTs and downloadable goods such as computer programs featuring footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags, sports bags, backpacks, sports equipment, etc shortly. 

A few weeks ago, Nike revealed two new job applications for virtual footwear and virtual material designer. As per the job description, the company is looking for a highly creative problem solver who has an expert understanding of a variety of 3D software and virtual material creation tools. This role sits in the Digital Product Creation group, a team focusing on igniting the digital and virtual revolution at Nike. 

 “You will play a key role in redefining our digital world, ushering us into the metaverse, and growing our team’s capabilities”, Nike enunciates. 

It is fascinating how giant company like Nike is gearing up for Metaverse. The billion-dollar corporation has been around for years. Nike being the first one to expand its operations in the virtual realm proves that it does not wish to leave the top spot. 

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