Abhishek Agrawal

FS Reads: The Concept Behind Virgil Abloh's Last Louis Vuitton Show.

FS Reads: The Concept Behind Virgil Abloh's Last Louis Vuitton Show.

The Fashion industry suffered a huge loss after the unexpected demise of LV Artistic director and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh. Last year, Louis Vuitton honored the late designer with a show in Miami which was only the first series of Abloh’s homage that they had planned. Louis Vuitton unveiled their Men's Fall-Winter 2022 collection yesterday in Paris which offered designs made by Abloh. The show was a final tribute to his groundbreaking work at LV and it might be the last time we see an offering dominated by Abloh's designs. 

The show was held at Carreau du Temple in Paris and the concept behind the show was not merely showcasing luxury goods. As per Louis Vuitton, ‘The show served to consolidate the themes and messages of the eight-season arc Virgil abloh created at LV’. 

The color scheme of the whole set was monochrome blue with a King-size bed, a structure consisting of a staircase and a door for models to enter the main area, a half-submerged house with a chimney, trampoline, and small staircase construction surrounding the whole set for audience to sit and enjoy the experience. The set also had a huge banquet table where the members of Britain's Chineke orchestra were playing under the direction of Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel. 

As the show started models were seen dancing and jumping off the staircase to the trampoline and randomly hanging onto the set. Throughout the show, we saw a variety of outfits designed by Virgil. From washed-out denim jeans, varsity jackets, a buckled trench coat to displaying his love for art by recreating the paintings by Gustave Courbet and Giorgio de Chirico on an outfit. We also get to see a slew of updated Louis Vuitton bags, ranging from the iconic Trunk to small Duffles and backpacks.


The whole event was not an average fashion show displaying outfits. The concept is based on Virgil Abloh’s central Boyhood Ideology®, seeing the world with the eyes of a child. The idea is to abstract the familiar and broadening our perspectives. The magnificent architecture of the Louis DreamhouseTM turned the event into a mind-expanding interior of ideas, opportunities, and encouragement to drive the culture forward. 

Celebrities including J Balvin, Victor Cruz, Naomi Campbell, Venus Williams, and Tyler, the Creator attended the show. At the end of the show, the entire LV creative team stepped out hugging the models and celebrating the remark that Virgil left on the Fashion Industry. It is no doubt his legacy will live on forever.