Abhishek Agrawal

FS Reads: Why you've been taking Ls on SNKRS?

FS Reads: Why you've been taking Ls on SNKRS?

The constant failure to buy your favorite pair of sneakers could be frustrating. In reality, the sneaker game is an absolute trap and taking Ls early morning on Nike SNKRS is something we are all familiar with. In this week’s FS Reads we dive deep into understanding why is it so tough to buy sneakers on Nike SNKRS India. 

Nike’s infamous strategy of keeping things exclusive has made Jordans more valuable than ever. Nike CEO John Donahoe describes the strategy for modern-day releases as ‘Exclusivity at scale.’ This means they want to keep the hype high while meeting some of the demand. With the advent of the Nike SNKRS platform, sneakerheads are now able to buy sneakers online. However, this mode of buying sneakers has its flaw. 

Before we jump onto the reasons for not being able to buy, let's talk about how Nike SNKRS works. The platform gives users exclusive access to the latest launches, with plenty of storytelling and product descriptions to boot. To get in the game, you have to do take the following steps: 

  1. Download and sign in Nike SNKRS App
  2. Keep an eye on the hottest release and turn reminder on.
  3. When its release time, act fast. The sneaker will be reserved in your bag for a brief time. Make sure to complete your purchase quickly. 

Honestly, if you’re a sneaker enthusiast and you haven’t taken an L on Nike SNKRS already - JUST DO IT. 

The sneaker craze epidemic is at an all-time high. To put it simply- If you’re a new user trying to buy any release, it’s next to impossible to win. There are far more people wanting the shoe than the number of shoes being released/produced. In the modern world of consumerism, you are not only competing with the person to your left and right, but also with technology. This is where sneaker bots come into the picture. Sneaker bots are programs operated by those who use them to place bogus orders and claim all of the available inventory. For instances, if you are trying to buy a pair of sneakers from SNKRS, another person is doing the same with thousands of entries through bots. Whether you like it or not, the use of sneaker bots has highly increased and the majority of the releases are taken by them. 

Although Nike has made quite some progress to restrict bots, it’s still not there yet. However, there are still ways that you can increase your chances of buying a hype release. Firstly, you need to start with the basics. Turn on the reminder and set up your account prior to the release. Make sure to put in all your payment information before you try to purchase a sneaker as it’ll save a big chunk of your time during checkout. 

One of the most common mistakes which Indian buyers make while using their card to make a payment is not enabling the international transaction. You need to have a Debit/Credit card that allows you to make international transactions. One bonus tip would be to install a timer as an extension on your device to not miss the chance to buy even for a second. Since you are competing with technology i.e. bots, you need to have a really fast internet connection. 

In the end, it all comes down to your luck. Do not aim for only hyped releases, be more active on the website. You as the consumer will ultimately decide if Nike is doing their best and what pairs will sit on your Sneaker Throne.