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FS Staff Picks: Our favorite Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2021.

FS Staff Picks: Our favorite Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2021.

Hip Hop is arguably one of the most popular music genres globally. One of the ways to enjoy your favorite songs is through music videos. Unpopular opinion, many don’t care about music videos and fail to see the innovation and art behind them. It is not merely a video presenting a song but a visual representation of the art and concept behind the song. In today’s Freemag article we picked the top drawer music videos of 2021. Keep reading to know this week's music video staff picks from our Freesociety team. 

Rush B & AB! - Honey Berry 

‘Honey Berry’ is a lyrical introspection into the disillusionments of love and life. Rich with powerful instrumentals, transforming into bouncy, ambient lo-fi synths, ‘Honey Berry’ is forged out of rousing melodies and masterful production that ties up every tune together perfectly within the track. The track is easy-going with chill vocals 

In conclusion, the song is fucking sick and you need to watch the music video for a better experience. 

Baby Keem ft Travis Scott- Durag Activity

You probably know this artist through the song ‘Orange soda’ which went viral during the lockdown. The 20-year-old American rapper is killing the game and making the most out of his young career. "Durag Activity" was Baby Keem's third single from his debut album "The Melodic Blue, following "Hooligan" and " No Sense” (The full album is out now).  The track details both the artist’s self-assurance over money, conquests, and influence. The music video of the track is a piece of art. 

Fun fact: The song was released on 30th April which was Travis’s 29th birthday and this marks their first-ever collaboration!

Doja cat ft The Weeknd - You right.

‘You right’ is one of the songs from Doja cat’s newest album ‘planet her’. The music video was launched back in June and it is filled with tons of astrological references. In a recent interview, Doja cat revealed that she wanted to touch on astrology and zodiac signs and how they affect each other. The video opens with Doja representing her sun sign ( Libra )  by wearing her hair in the symbol of the sign. She’s also seen standing between two ends of scale which had a beating heart and a game of chess. This astrological reference shows the balance between head and heart that most Libras, like Doja Cat, struggle to maintain. The Weeknd represents his sun sign ( Aquarius ). The goal of the Aquarius is to fill his barrel and share his knowledge with the world. To get a better view of the explanation, make sure you watch the music video. 

The Weeknd - Take My Breath. 

When it comes to his music, this man needs no introduction. It is safe to say he’s the hottest rapper of 2020 and 2021. The vogue described the music video as a ‘ Matrix-inspired disco fantasy’ and I don’t see any flaws in that statement. The video starts with Abel walking in dimly lit corridors of a city underpass, eventually entering a rave party with few people wearing oxygen masks. Later, he’s drawn towards a stranger who offers him oxygen and by the end of the video, his breath is LITERALLY taken away as he’s strangled by the stranger’s braids. 

Fun fact: The music video comes with an epilepsy warning and it’s filled with strobe-heavy visuals. 

21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Brand NewDraco 

“Brand New Draco” comes off the duo’s 2020 collaborative album Savage Mode II, a follow-up to the 2016 project ‘savage mode’. The music video displays a stock market crash that Savage and metro seemed to dodge through DRACO stocks and bonds. It also features an infomercial for DRACO stocks and bonds where you can see DJ Khaled, Shaq, and Bow Wow making an appearance. In conclusion, the whole music video is a vibe! 

On the other hand, If we talk about the song you can always trust a Metro Boomin production with 21 Savage aka Trap King. 

What are your favorite Hip-hop/pop music videos? Let us know!