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FS Style Icon: Lil Baby

FS Style Icon: Lil Baby

When we talk about rappers with the best style, Lil baby is hard to ignore. As of 2021, it’s safe to say that the rapper is in his prime with chart-topping hits. The 26-year-old American rapper is not only a fan of expensive jewelry and watches but rocks a plethora of designer brands. In this week’s FREEMAG Style Icon, we break down the evolution of Lil baby’s style and some of his hardest fits.  

If you are a Lil baby fan, chances are you have heard how often he mentions his fit, jewelry, and watches in his songs. Some of those iconic songs are Drip too hard ft Gunna, Off white VLONE ft Lil Durk & NAV, Woah, No sucker ft Moneybagg Yo, and many more. These lyrical references make it evident that the rapper is a sucker for designer clothes. If you scroll through ATL’s burgeoning star Lil baby’s Instagram, you’ll see endless fit pictures (which are absolutely fire).  

 Lil baby - Woah (Album: My turn )

Although Baby hasn’t had a major collaboration with any luxury/streetwear brand, he’s the epitome of luxury streetwear. He has made a debut on covers of magazines, including rolling stone, NME, XXL, and GQ. You can see him wearing pieces from Moncler, Amiri, Prada, and Dior. Needless to say, he has an expensive taste with immense love for Birkin bags. In a 2018 interview with COMPLEX, Baby mentioned how he wasn’t into shopping when he was young but always made sure to have a pair of sneakers with him. It’s crazy how times have changed and now he’s buying designer now and then.

Did you know? Reebok is one of Lil baby’s favorite brands and he was seen promoting their Sole Fury model back in 2018. Here’s a preview: 

Talking about some of his staples in his outfits, he’s a huge fan of denim jeans with a plain white tee. To top it all off, baby usually wears a vest or puffer jacket. There’s an endless list of accessories as well. Baby’s outfits are incomplete unless he put on a lot of ice. In addition, he complements his whole with designer bags.

A few months ago, the rapper was spotted with James harden at the Paris fashion week in a full-fledged Balenciaga outfit. Even though he was just trying to attend the event, he ended up becoming a trending topic when people started to call him ‘ Le baby ‘. Of course, it went viral very quickly, reaching about 30,000 tweets at its peak. 

It is noticeable that baby has successfully paved his way into the fashion industry, however, do you think we’ll see a major brand campaign featuring him shortly? Let us know your thoughts.