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FS Through The Lens: Warping Theories

FS Through The Lens: Warping Theories

If you are a sucker for simple yet stylish apparel with utmost comfort, Warping theories is the one for you. The label's concept of incorporating comfort into style with a fresh set of colorways has successfully helped them in achieving an admirable milestone. However, the question arises, how did they end up here, and what's their story? We sat down with their founders to know more.       

What is Warping Theories and when was it founded? 

Founded in January 2021, Warping Theories is a streetwear label started out by two individuals who were initially running separate brands - “Warp” by Kuship Parmar and “Pro Anti Theory” by Urvash Parmar. As they say, good things come in pairs. They knew they had the same vision to create something unconventional for the Indian clothing market and change the way streetwear was looked at. Warping theories is comfort incorporated into style and a refreshing set of colorways.

Who are the founders? 

Founded by Urvash Parmar & Kuship Parmar. During their academic years, Both Urvash & Kuship have done fashion shows in Rome & Dubai. Having earned quite the recognition, Kuship’s Collection was then showcased at the London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week main event while Urvash was featured as one of the 12 most prominent fashion students around the globe in the Vogue Talents September 2020 Issue.

What are warping theories known for? 

Warping Theory was born out of a fascinating concept of neutrals being accepted both, as a statement and an accessory to it. As a brand, we wanted to incorporate this concept into creating pieces that spoke to the world through our simple silhouettes and detailing, advocating a sense of timelessness.

Where is the brand located?

They have their workshop situated in the biggest textile hub of Maharashtra - Kalbadevi, Mumbai, hence the access to such rich quality fabrics.

 Where can you get their stuff? 

They ship their products across India with conversions via Instagram (@warping_theories) and on their official website www.warpingtheories.com  Apart from this, their products are also available on three of India's biggest multi-brand streetwear stores -  Free Society, CrepDogcrew, and SoleSearch Street.

What do they (as a brand) feel about the Indian Streetwear culture and the future of warping theories? 

Streetwear in India is still in its early stages and the concept of streetwear has not been adopted by the majority yet. But we all have made the Indian Streetwear culture and this market so inclusive that whenever someone buys a streetwear product for the first time, it invokes a sense of belongingness to a community and they want to hold on to this kind of experience. The rise in the streetwear market was obviously aided by the Hype Culture, it made streetwear more desirable, but we as a brand are trying to make streetwear more accessible, making fits that attract fresh consumers and help the community grow. And as for the future, Warping Theories aims to have a store by 2022 and start shipping to the middle eastern countries in the latter half.

Shop their latest collection on our website and check out their Instagram here