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What you missed from Paris Fashion Week 2023

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What you missed from Paris Fashion Week 2023

Curious about what Paris Menswear Fashion Week was like?

Here come the highlights from the PFW, a highly anticipated event that showcases the best of avant-garde fashion from across the world. Whether you are a fashion aficionado, or just simply curious about the highly anticipated event, we’ve got you covered.

The new cut for Spring/Summer 2024 is now available to the world's fashion community thanks to Paris Fashion Week Menswear. Brands are more diverse, moral and AI designs are poised to replace the work of human hands. The technological advancements shaping the future of fashion are extremely inspirational. Let's see what's in store.



It was totally screaming summer at men’s fashion week. There was re-imagination with attention to detail while coming out with a relaxed, effortless feel.


Runway images from Hermes SS24 and Auralee RTW SS24 show at Paris Fashion Week

Our streetstyle wearers also demonstrate that the most basic, classic ensembles may occasionally be the best. The ensembles also included ties, tank tops, bandanas, matching sets, and several headpieces. Casual, comfy attire with deep necks and shorts dominated the presentation.


Image from the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2024 runway

Bombers jackets have been popular for a long time, and given the variations created by Louis Vuitton, Givenchy etc. they will likely continue to be popular in the spring and summer.


Images of knitwear from the Paris Fashion Week 2024 Runway

Lightweight, fun cardigans and jumpers are everywhere. Brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton released coats, cardigans, and other items in tweed. Loewe, Hermes, and Paul Smith all carried a large selection of knitwear as well.


Images of trench coats from Li Ning, Auralee, and Louis Gabriel Nouchi (PFW 2024)

Trench Coats
The popularity of trench coats has increased during Paris Fashion Week. The outerwear appeared in a variety of looks, including recognisable patterns, fur-accented alternatives, and leather variations.


Images from Paris Fashion Week showing the usage of stripes

The runway included a variety of stripes, from classy pinstripes to vivid and wild designs, showcasing the pattern's adaptability and classic appeal.


Images from PFW runway - Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens

Hanging Sleeves
This season, extra-long sleeves established a new benchmark for experimental fashion. Exaggerated sleeves on clothing were included in dramatic images by designers, adding emotion to the collection.


Images from Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week 2024 Runway 
Dramatic Shoulder
With its extravagant boxy form, this look highlighted shoulders on the runway. Designers adopted outlandish and exaggerated shoulder designs, making a strong visual effect while adopting a more avant-garde appearance.


Images from Paris Fashion Week Runway - Hermes, Denzilpatrick 
Light Materials
Occasionally transparent materials that suggest a certain looseness like satin, silk, and lace, frequently found in women's clothing, seem to be the most well-liked selections. On the catwalks, linen, a thin, flowing material that has gained popularity for its ability to regulate temperature and protect the environment, could be seen.



The extravagant and dramatic flare of the shows distinguished them from others and brought a wealth of fresh styles and creative features to the world of fashion.


 Louis Vuitton - PFW 2024

Louis Vuitton

The week-long showcase of fashion for men was introduced by a major show by Louis Vuitton. The highly anticipated Louis Vuitton debut by Pharrell at men's fashion week combined music and fashion. The athletic collection will be remembered as a classic for the brand with a live choir and rapper Jay Z singing after the showcase.

The collection on display featured both block suits with Parisian sites printed into the fabric and Louis Vuitton's renowned colourful bottoms. Even a theatrical fashion show was presented, which was a highly unusual format. KidSuper, Louis Vuitton's temporary designer for the final men's off-season collection, produced a theatrical production to go with the brand's magical and quirky creations. Colm Dillane spoke about the thrill of igniting a new concept and bringing it to reality through rotating theatrical stages while wearing meta dialogues and fashionable outfits. The brand's recognisable Damier pattern, which was woven into several of the pieces, served as the collection's inspiration. The collection included large coats, baggy trousers and vivid designs that mixed streetwear and high fashion.


 Dior - PFW 2024


Kim Jones, the artistic director of Dior Men, debuted his summer collection in a stark, futuristic setting. An army of models came up from a metallic catwalk. The runway show was launched by an explosion of electronic noises, and the runway lit up. Rows of models steadily filled the space. The colour scheme was largely consisting of greys, whites and pastels, while accessories arrived in vibrant, fun colours. One by one, the models appeared in textured suits studded with pearls and sequins.

The brand's history served as inspiration for this collection during Paris Fashion Week, which combined streetwear and traditional tailoring to modernise tradition. The palette of the collection included pastels, neutral colours, and vivid hues. Various items from the collection were on display, such as graphic t-shirts, tailored suits, and oversized jackets. The collection is a masterful example of Jones's ability to connect with the brand's heritage while influencing its future, forging an enduring narrative that combines tradition, innovation, and Dio’s irresistible appeal.


Givenchy - PFW 2024


Matthew M. Williams, the brand's creative director, specialised in sophisticated and dressy tailoring for men when creating the collection. The collection featured a variety of suit-coats during Paris Fashion Week, along with low-crotched pants, short, narrow-at-the-waist trousers and boxy trousers. The more elegant outfits included satin lapels, and the olive green jacket gave a faintly military vibe. The collection's main focus on accessories included stylish purses for the back or waist.


 Loewe - PFW 2024


Jonathan Anderson, the creative director at Loewe, made glitter the star. Blazers, high waisted denim jeans, coats etc. were the mainstays of the collection. These stood out in especially because of the crystals that adorned each piece. High-waisted clothing had a hint of a retro vibe. The collection's muted colour scheme of delicate pastels, blues, blacks, and khakis was starkly contrasted with accessories like sunglasses with crystal embellishments.

There was a variety of shoes and large bags. His most recent menswear collection was created to make you feel as though you were gazing up at the model via a fish-eye lens and was motivated by this idea of perspective, or looking from the ground up. The top half consisted of tucked-in shirts and cropped tops, or glittering sculptures. As a result, long, wide-leg pants and jeans perched high on the waist. The collection featured large coats, baggy trousers and eye-catching designs that mixed streetwear and high fashion.


Jacquemus - PFW 2024


Modelling a white lingerie ensemble, Gigi Hadid took to the runway for the Jacquemus spring 2024 fashion show at the Palace of Versailles. Hadid donned a sheer, sleeveless dress with many tie knots down the centre and delicate floral embroidery. A bikini was worn underneath the garment. Possibly the most opulent show of the season was presented in Paris by Jacquemus.

On a red pedestal, French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus unveiled his latest line, which was influenced by Marie Antoinette and Lady Diana. With miniskirts, and translucent materials, there was a lot of skin on display, much like in his past performances. Jacquemus held his all-gender show exactly one day after the menswear shows for Paris Fashion Week ended, staying true to his penchant for freedom.




 Cecile Bahnsen x ASICS GT-2160

Cecilie Bahnsen x ASICS GT-2160
The continuous collaboration between Cecilie Bahnsen and ASICS, the GT-2160, expertly combines elements of haute couture with the design of athletic shoes. It continually sells out and never lets fans down with each new edition. Bahnsen now commands attention at Paris Fashion Week SS24 with her interpretation of the gorgeous ASICS GEL GT-2160.


Nike Terminator

Nike Terminator
Since its reintroduction from the archives in late 2022, the Nike Terminator has discovered that reptilian textures are highly appealing, and the scaly texture is now covering the awaited low-top variant.


AURALEE x New Balance Warped Runner

AURALEE x New Balance Warped Runner
The shoes are designed in a cream and black colour scheme to match their Spring/Summer '24 products. This sneaker is highlighted by the collaboration because of its cutting-edge design and advanced technology. The Warped Runner, updated by AURALEE, has a classy appearance consistent with the minimalist design of the Japanese label. It comes in two colours, beige and navy blue. The sleek design of the shoe appears to have been influenced by snakeskin aesthetics.


Wales Bonner x Adidas Neftanga

Wales Bonner x Adidas Neftanga
The ‘Marathon’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Wales Bonner and Adidas was displayed during Paris Fashion Week Men's SS24. The collection emphasises the ethos of long-distance runners by fusing athleticism with stylish sophistication.


Thisisneverthat x New Balance 550

Thisisneverthat x New Balance 550
In addition to the already leaked brown hue, thisisneverthat also unveiled fresh green and pink colorways of the fresh Balance 550 during the show.


Hope this was what you needed to catch you up on what you missed out on at Paris Fashion Week 2023.