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FS Portraits: Aahana's passion for Sneakers and Streetwear.

FS Portraits: Aahana's passion for Sneakers and Streetwear.

If you have any interest in sneakers and streetwear, chances are you have seen her reels all around Instagram. Even though she is relatively newer to the culture, it didn’t stop her from building an envious collection of sneakers and streetwear fits. Although there’s a long way to go, it will only get better. We caught up with Aahana to discuss what she feels about the culture and how she got into it. Here’s how it went:

Q1.) When did you buy your first pair? What's the story behind it?

It all started last year in October with a pair of smoke grey MIDS. Back then I wasn't familiar with the whole sneaker culture. It was tough for me to find a trustworthy plug with reasonable prices. (finally, I was able to find a reseller)  However, when I received my first pair I realized how beautiful the shoe is and why there’s a whole community for it. Before I could realize I was in love with sneakers and now I’m set to explore it.  

Q2.)  How did you get into streetwear fashion? Do you think sneakers are the driving force to streetwear fashion?

Honestly, I wasn’t into both. The transition that took place within a year is unbelievable. A year back I was just buying clothes through Shein and other different places with steal prices. However, after exploring for a bit I finally figured out how I want my style to be. Eventually, I started creating hard streetwear fits myself and soon got the hang of it. 

Q3.)  What are your thoughts on the present scenario of sneaker and streetwear culture in India?

If we talk about sneakers then I think it's growing rapidly in India. As for Streetwear, I feel like it needs more exposure. In my opinion, the sense of fashion of an individual highly elevates when they start styling streetwear. It’s a long way for people in India since the whole concept is new to people. It also requires a little bit of experimentation to make hard fits but I think people will adapt to it. 

Q.4)  Do you think there’s a void for female sneaker enthusiasts in the game?  Is the lack of smaller sizes a roadblock for female sneakerheads?

HIGHLY. The whole culture is heavily male-dominated. In fact, there are girls who want to buy their first pair of Jordan or Yeezy but the lack of smaller sizes take away their willingness to buy it. Even if they want to, they are extremely vulnerable in such situations. I receive tons of DMS on my Instagram where girls are struggling to buy a UK 3-4. 

Q.5)  Which is your favourite pair in your collection

My AJ1 Court Purple. Ever since I got my first pair of Jordans, I’ve looked forward to having court purple. When I got them in hand, I knew I was in love with that pair.  

Q.6) If you had to raid one closet, whose would it be? 

It’s tough to pick just one. I would definitely raid Siddharth Batra's for apparel and Ranvijay’s for sneakers.

Q.7) Which is your go-to pair or beaters?

I mostly wear my Triple Whites or Nike Dunk Low Panda 

Q.8) Are you into luxury street fashion?

Not really. However, I would love to give it a try someday! 

Q.9)  Air Diors or Off-white x Nike? Why?

I’m not really a big fan of off-white or anything hype in general but if I have to choose then Air Dior. 

Q.10.)  Which is that one pair you really want to add to your collection or a dream pair?

I have all of my eyes on the Travis Scott Air Force 1s (Cactus Jack). I hope I get a steal on them. 

Q.11) What are some of your favourite Indian streetwear brands?

Jaywalking, Rising Among, Warping Theories, SIX5SIX Street tops the list. 

Q.12) Do you have any favourites other than Jordan or Yeezy?

I really like Vans because they are super comfortable. Other than that, Converse is pretty decent. In fact, Puma is doing pretty well with their RS-X series too. 

Q.13)  An underrated pair you’d like to get your hands on?

Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Dutch Green’. I don’t know if it’s underrated but they seem really cool. 

Q.14)  Do you have any favourite Streetwear/Sneaker influencers?

Yes, I like many. A few of them are @nadiaidder @sallyssneakers and @curlyfrysfeed.  

Q.15) Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone who’s new to this culture and wants to try out streetwear?

I think people need to know that they can wear something so comfortable and still be really stylish at the same time. It’s all about experimenting and exploring as much as you can. They need to embrace their style and incorporate it in different ways. That's all. 

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