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FS Portraits: Ruhaanee's Love for Streetwear with a hint of Glam.

FS Portraits: Ruhaanee's Love for Streetwear with a hint of Glam.

If you are a sucker for killer aesthetics and streetwear outfits, you will absolutely love Ruhaanee’s style. Being a streetwear enthusiast since day 1, Ruhaanee’s passion for fashion is unreal. Her love for fashion has not only garnered her lots of followers, but the 22-year-old is also set to launch her streetwear brand 'YSTS' after a year of documenting and research. We caught up with Ruhaanee to discuss what she feels about streetwear and sneaker culture.  

Q1.) When did you buy your first pair? What's the story behind it?

I was in Italy when I got my first pair. It all started with a pair of Air max 95 ‘Mint green’. I am not so inclined towards the hype of buying Jordans and other highly popular silhouettes. If a pair looks good then I want it. It’s a hard pass from me if it’s a hyped pair since everybody would wear it.  

Q.2) How did you get into streetwear fashion? Do you think sneakers are the driving force to streetwear fashion?

Since childhood, I was highly drawn towards masculine silhouettes. I would pick something comfortable and oversized over fitted clothes.  Furthermore, I worked with jaywalking which helped me a lot in understanding the culture. It was a gradual process but now I seem to have a better understanding of it. A lot of people in India have indeed picked streetwear from sneakers. However, that's not how it worked for me. For me, it’s more about the clothes and than the sneakers.  

Q.3) What are your thoughts on the present scenario of sneaker and streetwear culture in India?

I feel like this market is getting saturated and it needs to evolve more in India. The whole streetwear and sneaker culture entered really late in our country and there’s no doubt people need to understand it more deeply. Not just people but brands who are trying to pursue streetwear. The sudden overcrowding has blinded people to just make something cool rather than conceptualizing and making something creative. It's not just about taking a cool design highlighting a rapper and printing it on a tee. THERE'S SO MUCH MORE TO IT. 

Q.4) Do you think there’s a void for female sneaker enthusiasts in the game? How can we increase the number and engagement? 

100%. Especially in India, the whole culture is heavily dominated by guys. Apart from the lack of smaller sizes, I think people here need more time to get familiar with this concept. Only female raffles or drops specifically for women might help in attracting the female audience. 

Q.5)How would you describe your style?

As of now, I am in a phase where I’m being experimental and exploring more than ever. However, I would describe it as streetwear with a hint of glam.   

Q.6) Is the lack of smaller sizes a roadblock for female sneakerheads?

 That’s literally the main issue. I wear UK 3 and it’s almost impossible for me to cop a pair from the general release. 

Q.7) Which is your favorite pair in your collection?

My Nike Skepta Air Max Tailwind 5. I love how unique it is. 

Q.8) Which is your go-to pair or beaters?

I wear my Air force 1s a lot! 

Q.9) Are you into luxury street fashion? Would you give it a shot in the future?

If I can afford it in the future then why not. I really fuck with the Givenchy x Nike collaboration. In fact, the Dior x Jordan collaboration was pretty hard. 


ESSENTIALS for sure. The quality of ASSC is really poor. 

Q.11) What are some of your favorite Indian streetwear brands?

I absolutely love Jaywalking. Other than that there’s MARGN & Dhruv Kapoor. 

Q.12) Which Jordan 1 you dislike the most which people think is really cool?

Air Jordan 1 High ‘Fearless’. I don’t like the colorway of that pair. 

Q.13) Fresh pair of AF1s or Blazers?

Air force 1 all the way!

Q.14) Do you plan on buying any new sneakers?

I have my eyes on Air Jordan 1 mid ‘Dutch Green’. I really like the colorway.

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