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FS Reads: A Breakdown of Kanye and Drake's decade-long beef.

FS Reads: A Breakdown of Kanye and Drake's decade-long beef.

If you are a Drake or Kanye west fan, chances are you have heard about their rivalry. Recently, the beef between both the artists sparked when drake was seen dropping bars at Ye on Trippie Redd’s new record Trip At Knight, on the track ‘Betrayal’.  As surprising as it sounds both the rappers have had unresolved feuds for a decade. If you are not well informed on the subject, here’s a brief breakdown of their dispute. 

Ye played a crucial role in Drake’s early career, producing songs and directing his first-ever music video ‘Best I ever had ’. The question arises how did they transition from working together to being rivals? 

Drake grew up idolizing Kanye and looking up to him as an artist, however when Drake received the limelight the two began walking separate ways. There are numerous reasons for their differences as both the rappers have gone back and forth at dissing each other. 

Rap is one competitive game where the young often try to beat the old. In a 2011 interview, Drake mentioned that he wanted eventually wanted to surpass Kanye. However, at that time he was not even close to doing that.

In 2013, ‘Yezus’ by Kanye was released and a year later in a rolling stone interview, Drake mentioned that he had mixed feelings about his album and that few bars in the songs of the album were questionable. In response, Ye tried to iron it out. Over the years both the artists have pushed each other creatively nevertheless there existed a bitter cutthroat competition. In 2016, Ye threw shots at Drake in one of his concerts mentioning he and Dj Khaled were too much on the radio. In response to that, Drake mentioned in an OVO sound radio how he was bothered by Ye trash-talking publicly about him.

When things seemed to cool down, Ye was dragged into Pusha T and Drake beef. According to the rumors, Ye had leaked information about his son and the problem he was facing with the mother of the child to Pusha T. Which he (Pusha T) used against him on the track ‘ The story of Adidon’. Kanye straight away declined the allegations put on him. Later Pusha T revealed that the intel came from a woman who Drake’s producer 40 was dating. 

It is due to these small disputes and unresolved issues that caused beef between them. Both the artists seem to have a cutthroat competition in 2021 as well. On one hand, we have Donda and on the other, there’s Certified lover boy. After the direct diss at Ye in Trippie redd’s track ‘Betryal’, he responded via Instagram with a screenshot of a group chat with eight other people. In the chat, West adds Pusha to the conversation before sending a photo of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. Underneath that he wrote, “I live for this. I’ve been fucked with by nerd ass jock n—s like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you.” In addition, Kanye shared the location of drake’s Toronto mansion as well. Although Ye took down both the posts, it was enough to make it evident that the Beef Has Been Reignited at full force. 

What are your thoughts on their decade-long beef? Do you think both the album ( DONDA & CLB ) will have a track with a subliminal diss at each other? Let us know your viewpoint!