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FS Through The Lens: OVO.

FS Through The Lens: OVO.

If you are a drake fan, chances are you have heard about OVO. The transition from being a blog page to a clothing brand/record label has been unreal. However, who is the real brainchild behind the famous owl logo, which gave rise to a multi-million dollar venture? Here’s a breakdown of October’s very own.

It all started a decade ago when Drake was mostly known as the actor from Degrassi. Although he was slowly shifting to music, he started OVO as a blog page on Myspace with Oliver ‘Ollie’ El-Khatib. The blog was originally made for covering the hottest music, latest fashion, and art trends going. In addition, curating a unique aesthetic and vibe. The name is a reference to Drake’s October 24 birthday that only his die-hard fans would understand. The idea of the logo comes from El-Khatib. It is based on a vaguely owlish chat status symbol he frequently used on BlackBerry Messenger. 

In 2012, ‘OVO sound’ was introduced. By this time, it was not just Drake and El-Khatib but producer ‘40’ who joined forces with them.

It was not for long when OVO started producing apparel and accessories. While tapping the streetwear fashion industry they also put more focus on collaborating with different brands. From 2008 to 2012, the brand did several apparel drops and in 2013, it dropped a collaboration with Toronto Raptors – the NBA team that Drake is a global ambassador for. After getting ahold of it, OVO did collaborations with brands such as Colette, Nordstrom, Browns, and Canada Goose, as well as footwear staples like Timbaland and Jordan. Currently, OVO has 12 stores around the world and has gained insane popularity worldwide. The brand crossed $50 million dollars in revenue in 2018. The popularity is pretty justified as Drake grew at an alarming speed when he stepped his foot in the rap game.

Now we arrive at the question, what’s the brand goal and where can you get their stuff in India?

In an interview, El-Khatib mentioned,  “Our goal is to continue to establish OVO as a global lifestyle brand”. Needless to say, It is evident that the brand is perfectly executing its goal. Lastly, The only place you get all your streetwear favorites together: Free Society!

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