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FS Reads: The unusual grudge against mids.

FS Reads: The unusual grudge against mids.

Did you know? The Air Jordan 1 Mids were designed in 1987 and it was supposed to be the new signature sneaker for Michael Jordan. Although it was introduced in the 2000s with very little recognition, mids are now one of the most selling shoes. Over the years, we’ve seen a dynamic trend in its popularity. In this week’s FS Reads we talk about ‘why are they hated?’ ‘Is it a shame to look down on Mids?’ ‘What’s the future and our honest opinion on them’. 

Michael Jordan wearing Jordan 1 mid 'Heat Reactive'.  


Let’s break down the answer to this common yet debatable question in simple words. The 2 main reasons why people dislike them are: It costs less and, most importantly, it’s easier to buy. Sounds odd right? Let me explain. The Jordan 1 highs have insane hype around them. If you want to cop a Jordan 1 high on retail either you got to be lucky, use bots on SNKRS, or pay the resale price.  Due to limited pairs and exclusivity, Jordan 1 Highs are considered more precious. On the other hand, Mid tend to sit on shelves. The accessibility is much easier with low prices. In layman’s language, they are considered as a shameful compromise. Occasionally, Mids colorways resemble sold-out Jordan 1 High releases which have created a ‘Settling’ impression for them. 

In an interview with GQ Hawley Dunbar mentions “I consider them a consolation prize for people who take the L on the real thing”. 

Is it a shame to look down on MIDS? 

It all comes down to an individual’s choice. If we talk about the Indian sneaker community, some people enjoy them, and the rest simply hate them. I must say, one of the most common reasons which influence a person’s judgment on them is the ‘trend’. People try to project the foreign trend of unusually hating mids in the Indian sneaker community which is still in its early phase. In conclusion, rock what YOU feel like. It’s not an obligation to hate on mids and follow trends. The cycle of blindly following a statement without giving it a shot is unarguably irrelevant. We all know if Travis Scott releases a Mid in collaboration with Nike, people will go crazy over them and instantly start adoring them. It’s sad how this whole thing works. 

“The established market price of the Jordan 1 has gone way up, and the Jordan 1 Mid has been an indirect benefactor of that,” says Matt Halfhill, founder, and CEO of NiceKicks. 

What’s the future and our honest opinion. 

The Indian Resale Market is witnessing a rising demand for mids. The reason being, everybody wants to rock Jordan and they’re the most affordable pair. You can get a pair of mids close to the retail price. The explosive growth of mids in the market is due to the desire of people to be a part of the Sneaker Culture. It’s safe to say that Indian customers hold a lot of potentials. Look around you, this rise of Mids isn’t something the industry could have predicted. 

Our opinion? Wear what you think is cool and comfortable. The Air Jordan 1 Mids comes with a plethora of color options and it’s fairly easy to get any size. If you are new to the culture, do not hesitate to start with Mids. if you wish to buy a pair, hit us up on Instagram or check out our website. We’ll sort it out for you. 

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