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Our Top Ticks From DJ Khaled's Whooping $8 Million Sneaker Closet

Our Top Ticks From DJ Khaled's Whooping $8 Million Sneaker Closet

It is evident that American rappers are really passionate about streetwear fashion and sneakers. In fact, if we talk about some of the biggest sneaker enthusiasts, DJ Khaled is on the top of that list. You don’t need an introduction to this hit maker. You know the song is going to be a banger when you hear the producer tag ‘Another one’ or ‘We the best music’.  

It is every sneakerhead’s dream to have a big sneaker collection. However, imagine a sneaker collection so gigantic that you can fill a walk-in closet with it. DJ Khaled’s Miami mansion has a custom walk-in closet that features 14 levels of sneaker shelves. It is rumored that Khaled’s collection consists of over 10,000 pairs of sneakers estimated to be worth around 8 million dollars. Nevertheless, he believes it is not just money which can buy you a collection as big as his but the passion and love for the culture with some contacts which help you build your dream closet.   

Here are our top picks from DJ Khaled’s sneaker closet which are absolute gems:

Air Jordan Retro 4 - DJ Khaled 'We The Best' Custom

You know you’ve made it as an artist when a sneaker label such as Jordan creates a custom pair for you with your name on it. Khaled revealed this custom pair on Instagram back in 2013. This Jordan 4 pair has a ‘We the best music’ tongue patch with ‘DJ Khaled’ written on the heel. In my opinion, the pair is one of its kind since it uses the famous Jordan 4 silhouette as the base. 

Air Jordan III ‘Red Octobers’

These are one of the rarest sneakers in Khaled’s closet. The Air Jordan III ‘Red Octobers’ were first unveiled by Justin Timberlake back in 2013 during his legends of summer tour. It is an all-red shoe combined with ‘snake skin’ and ‘safari’ leather pieces. Although there was immense hype for this sneaker after it was teased by Justin Timberlake during his tour and DJ Khaled on his Instagram, the pair was never released to the public and the number of pairs produced is still unknown. In a 2017 complex video Khaled revealed that he doesn’t remember how he got the pair but it is one of his favorites. He also called this sneaker the ‘Paparazzi mania’.  You’ve hit the jackpot if you ever come across one. 

Air Jordan 4 x KAWS ‘Black’

First released back in 2017, This Air Jordan 4 features similar detailing as the original Grey version with a glow in dark outsole. In my opinion the all-black color on Jordan 4 hits harder than the original grey color scheme. Having close ties with Jordan it was no surprise that he was able to get his hands on this pair before its release. This particular pair price went insanely high after it was released. The retail price being Rs. 25,688, these sneakers resell for around Rs1.4 lakh.

Yeezy 700 v3

Although Khaled seems to be a Jordan fan, he also has immense love for Yeezys. If you follow DJ Khaled on Instagram then you probably know the story behind how he got his hands on the Yeezy 700 v3 back before its release. It was on a private airfield in Atlanta when Kanye West took the pair off his feet and handed them over to Khaled. Receiving a pair of unreleased Yeezy from the legend himself is absolutely unreal. Apart from this Khaled was also seen wearing the all-black Nike Air Yeezy with patterned tuxedo in 2016 Grammy awards.

Air Jordan 1 x SoleFly (Green/Orange colorway)

The following pair is one of the most iconic sneakers ever. These were first unveiled by Khaled on Instagram while he was with SoleFly co-founder and Michael Jordan brother in law Carlos Prieto. Although two different pairs were made, only one of them was released to the public. The one which was released to the public is a leather-based Jordan 1 with Miami Hurricane theme (Orange colorway). In addition, the pair has custom tongue tags, stamped logos at the heel and a gold jumpman keychain. On the other hand, only 23 pairs were made of the green colorway. It features dark green and black patent leather with an orange whoosh logo. The resale price of these limited pairs is above Rs.6 lakh.  

What are your thoughts on Khaled’s insane sneaker closet? Let us know your favorite pair from his treasure. Lastly, don’t forget to check out his latest album ‘Khaled Khaled’. The 14-track LP features some of your favorite artists such as Lil baby, Drake, 21 Savage and many more.